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interview: what americans think about the presidential election 2016? / 大統領選挙結果についてアメリカ人に聞いてみた

Hello world! Today's topic is the biggest topic in over the world right now....the result of US presidential election of 2016! There has been a lot of coverage about it on the internet and the news. Today, I asked one of my American friends, Jordan, who is pursuing a Master's Degree in Japan.

PS. This interview does not represent what all Americans feel or what opinion is right. I just asked a friend of mine and this is what he thinks about it.



Q1. So... how do feel about the result now?I remember you said you don't like either of Trump and Clinton. But did you prefer Clinton than Trump if you needed to choose?


A. I feel very upset about the result. I think Trump is a very divisive and dangerous figure, but I am ready to calm down now and hope for the best. I think some good **MAY** actually be able to come from this presidency, but ultimately I am just very upset that someone so obviously racist and sexist was able to get elected despite obvious and abundant controversy and scandal. It's very disheartening to know as an American that even after things came out such as the soundbites where you can hear Donald trump talking about being able to "grab [women] by the pussies" because he's rich and famous, he was still elected. Many will say this sort of thing has no relevance to the election and his worthiness of becoming president. I disagree. I think judges of individual character are still very relevant and the things he's said and done to characterize himself as such a bigot and problematic person are vastly consequential for the US social sphere, but yanow what? Let's just hope for the best. The election is over now. We can only wait and see for now what he will actually do. Though the matter of his first-100-days plan is something to worry about already.




A. I preferred Clinton because, in short, I preferred another neoliberal warhawk to someone so obviously and unabashedly problematic for the social sphere and civil relations in the US. Donald Trump has represented the worst mentalities evident in our nation and validated the voices of those who are fueled by hate, albeit being entitled to their own certain gripes related to their socioeconomic disenfranchisement. I wanted to have a president who wouldn't embarrass us internationally, as a nation, and wouldn't be remembered as having campaigned on a platform which I perceived to be operating on belligerence and deception. Hilary is very bad in her own regard, for many reasons. She has been involved in many heinous things. But still I preferred her to Trump if only for the reason that what it says about America, what it means about America, that Trump got elected is very fucking worrisome.