• ruru

confidence? nah / 自信なんて全然ない

There are so many 'SELF CONFIDENCE' OR 'HOW TO LOVE SELF' kinds of YOUTUBE videos and articles everywhere. Those are great and beautiful and inspirational and make you positive and happy. BUT....... sometimes make you feel miserable and that you are useless af. I have been feeling like that this past week.

I think if you see those 'happy positive self confidence' things when you aren't happy, that just reminds you how miserable you are. (sometimes)

I posted an article about self confidence before and also talked about it on my instagram too. If you read it, you may think 'ah she has confidence with herself and she is happy.' And most times, people think that I'm independent and have confidence.





前にインスタグラムやブログにセルフコンフィデンスの話を書いたこともあるから、それを読んだ人は私のことを ’自立してる’ ’自分に自