gender neutral & genderless / ジェンダーニュートラルとジェンダーレス

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Hello there ❁


I'm gonna talk about genderless and gender neutral today!


Do you know what's genderless? Genderless is usually used for fashion term recently but basically it means no gender. Recently, genderless fashion and genderless models are becoming popular in Japan.


Girls can wear men's clothes, and boys can wear make up and skirts. "Skirts are for girls so boys can't wear them." This can be stereotype thinking now.

こちらはJaden Smith(ジェイデン・スミス)がルイ・ヴィトンの広告でスカートをはいて話題になったよ!お仕事だけではなくて、プライベートでもスカートをはく率が高いジェイデン。ジェンダーレスはもちろん日本だけではなく、世界中で注目を浴びていて、やはりどこの国でもジェンダーレスファッションは『少数派』になってしまうけれど、やっぱり堂々としている人はキラキラしてみえる。

Jaden Smith wore a skirt in Louis Vuitton's ad and the internet went crazy about talking about this. He wears skirts not only at work but also in private. Genderless fashion and models are big not only in Japan but in the world. However, those are still minorities.

他には、日本でも注目を浴びているジェンダーレスモデル、Sara Cummings(サラ・カミングス)。基本的にメンズの服でスタイリングすることが多いサラは、周りの目を気にせず、着たいものを着る姿がとっても素敵♡

One of the genderless models who is famous in Japan, Sara Cummings. She often styles herself with men's clothes, and she looks fantastic every single outfit because she knows what she's doing with confidence.


These are four people who are famous for "genderless" in Japan.


From left, Yutaro, Toman, Satsuki Nakayama, and Pee. Other than Satsuki Nakayama, they're boys. They look cute and cool because they know exactly what they like to do, and have confidence to express themselves fully.