q&a: traditional vs progressive / 伝統と進化

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Today, I'm going to respond to this comment I got from ho7 on our gender neutral & genderless article. It's not a question but Ruru and I had discussed about it and we wanted to make it to an article to share what we think.


はじめまして!いつもいろいろなことを学ばせていただいています! 私は高校生なのですが、制服や校則に疑問を感じています。なぜピアスを開けてはいけないのか?どうして男子は髪を伸ばしてはいけないのか?スカートの長さはどうしてみんな一緒にしなければいけないのか?縛られて生活して、言われた通りにしているから、言われたことしかできないような大人になってしまうんだと思います。伝統を守ることも大切ですが、いつまでも囚われていないで新しいことにも挑戦していかなければいけないと、改めて思いました。

So here's the comment:

Hello! I've been learning a lot from you guys.

I'm a high school student (in Japan,) I sometimes have doubts on ※school rules. Why some (most) of the schools have rules such as: no piercing, no long hair (for boys,) and girls' skirts' lengths should be the same? I feel like we'll become adults who need to be told what to do under these rules. This article made me think that it's important to preserve traditions but also, I think we need to challenge more new things.

※In Japanese schools, especially private ones, have decent but kinda narrow school rules. You can't change your natural appearance: no dyeing hair, no jewelries (no piercing,) no make up, no nail colors, and so on, we have to wear uniform every day and more! We value "group" more than "individual" so for example, we dress exactly same with darker colors: tan, brown, navy, or black. And also, you have to switch shoes inside and outside at most of the schools.