chat with mei: prostitution in japan - part 2

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Here's part 2 of chat with mei :) Last week's topic was "sex" but this week is about prostitution in Japan. She shared her experience on not only prostitution but also working in sex industry (※fuzoku.)

fuzoku - there are many kind of fuzoku, but mainly, a store for sexual enjoyment which includes conversation, dancing, bathing and oral sex to stay legal without coital activities.

Ashley Armitage

Hikari: 売春を始めたきっかけは?どれくらい?

Hikari: Why did you start working as a prostitute? How long did you do it for?

Mei: 学生の時に学費に困って。最初は風俗で働いていたけど、お客さんが払ったお金が100%自分に支払われる訳じゃないのが嫌になって個人営業を始めたよ。期間は18歳~22歳くらいまで、だいたい月4くらいはしてたよ。(Meiはもうすぐ23歳。)

Mei: When I was a student, I needed money because I was paying my tuition. When I started, I was working at a fuzoku but I didn't like it because I didn't make 100% of the customers' money. So, I started my own business as a prostitute when I was 18 and I took about four jobs each month. And I stopped when I was 22. (She is turning 23 very soon!)

H: 風俗についてもそうだけど、Meiの事情、何も知らなかった!じゃあ、もう今はやってないの?

H: I've known you for such a long time but I didn't know your situation at all. So, you don't do it anymore?

M: 学生の頃は普通のバイトをかけもち+風俗をやっていたから勉強する時間も限られてて辛かったな。今は進んでやってないよ!でも、以前わたしを買ってくれた人から連絡がくるとたまにお小遣いもらってセックスしちゃったりはするかな。

M: When I was a student, I had both a normal part time job and job at the fuzoku. I didn't have enough time to study and I remember that it was hard. I don't need to work as a prostitute anymore but when I get messages from my customers, I still go see them to have sex for a little extra money.


H: 普通のバイトもしてたの!?想像できない。彼は全部知ってるんだよね?周りの意見とか気になったことある?

H: WHAT? YOU HAD NORMAL PART TIME JOB TOO!? I can't imagine how hard that was! Your boyfriend knows everything, right? Have you ever cared about what people think?

M: 当時の彼氏、一人前の彼氏、今の彼氏。三人とも私のこと全て知ってるよ!それを含めて私だから付き合って数ヶ月であえて暴露してる。そこで軽蔑されたら、私自身を軽蔑されてるような気がしちゃう…。「そんな過去があるからこそ今のMeiなん