playlist ep1: heartbreak

Hello world ❁❁

I believe that music has a huge influence on any situation on our everyday life: on the way to school or work, at work, while you’re studying, chilling with friends, partying, relaxing, and cuddling with your loved one. Same as soundtracks in movies, listening to music in your daily life is that you have your own soundtrack. People can get emotional when they pick the best song for the best time.


I love music like you do. I wish I could make music that I would love to listen, even just for myself but I’ve never make myself into it. I guess I should give it a try but I like discovering new artists/songs and making playlist more, just for myself.


I love making playlist with different themes like for rainy days, morning, driving to beach, and floating in space. And I decided to share a themed playlist with a story on honeyhands, so this is the very first playlist episode, and it's about heartbreak.

あたしは気分によって違ったテーマを決めたプレイリストを作るのが好きで、例えば、雨の日に聴きたい、朝に聴きたい、ビーチにドライブへ行く時に聴きたい、とか宇宙に浮いているような気分になりたいときに聴けるプレイリスト。だから、honeyhandsでそんなテーマを決めたプレイリストと一緒に、そのテーマにつながるストーリーや経験、考えをシェアしようと思うの!プレイリストエピソード1は、ハートブレイクについて。日本でハートブレイクって聞くと失恋っていうイメージかもしれないけど、失恋を含めて胸が張り裂けそうな思いをした時に聴きたいプレイリストと一緒に、あたしのそんなストーリーをシェアするね :')