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web zine: pink feminist by ayu watanabe

Hello, Today I'm going to be introducing you a Web Zine, Pink Feminist, by Ayu Watanabe.

Ayu is a friend of mine (Ruru) and I appear as a model in her zine too.

Writings in pink down below are from her zine, and English translated by me.





‘When I was skinny by eating disorder, and when I was fat by bulimia, no one loved me and I couldn't love myself too. I was uncomfortable in my body. Eating, not eating, or looking at myself in a mirror, everything hurt me. I should have accepted myself first. I want people who read this zine to love the part that you hate of yourself. Your body is for anyone, but yours.’



‘Having body hair, getting fat, getting starved and getting older: they all normal if you are alive but it's been seen as ugly things in society. However, I believe in that make us human and beautiful.

I barely say that I am a feminist. I don't think all women should be strong, independent. Women also can be sensitive and weak. If you like make-up and fashion, I want you to enjoy it for your own self. But also, no one has to be interested in those things just because you are a woman.’



‘I feel very strong and powerful message from a colour, Pink.

I wanted to change the stereotype thinking of feminist images, which are short hair, masculine and independent (isolated) women. They can show their body hair and open their legs widely, while they cover themselves with lovely and romantic clothes. It insists feminism thoughts and very feminine at the same time.’






I personally loved her zine, not just because Ayu is my friend and I did a model. (The last picture with a moon tattoo is me, by the way haha)

Since I am the one who is a huge fan of girly and feminine styles of fashion, I strongly feel 'pink' is such a powerful colour to me.

Although I look very girly, I don't think I look weak or anything, and I feel strong and powerful.

I believe that every woman (every man too!!!) looks can be very sensitive and strong at the same time.

Being sensitive doesn't mean you are weak, it's just make you a human.

You can see full version of her zine on Ayu's website!

Pink Feminist Full

Ayu's Instagram

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