zine: love urself issue 1 by lisa tower

Hello ❁

Lisa, who wrote an article about sex education for our website as a guest writer a few months ago, she's back to honeyhands with her first zine, Love Urself Issue 1. Her first zine's theme was "self love" and "self care." And her zine is beautiful, so I would like to share with you all. I decided to interview her and know a little bit more about her and her zine :)

今回は、honeyhandsで以前『カナダvs日本の性教育』について書いてくれたLisa(リサ)が、初めてのZine "Love Urself"を出版することになったので、インタビューすることにしたよ。テーマはタイトルの通り、セルフラブとセルフケアについて。みんなにリサのこと、そして彼女の美しいZineについて知って欲しくてシェアしたいと思ったの!

Hikari: What made you decide to make this zine?

Hikari: どうしてこのZineを作ることにしたの?

Lisa: I made this zine, first and foremost, because I've been wanting to actually make a zine for the longest time and to also have fun with a little project.. I decided instead of saying "I want to..." why not just do it? I'm also passionate about feminism and using writing and art as a creative outlet so I figured why not combine them all and make something that's fun and empowering.