march favorites

Hello ❁❁

I can't believe that it's already April! How was your March? Here's another our monthly favorites article! What was your favorite things in March? (Pink is Ruru and Blue is Hikari)

あっという間に4月だよ。ということで、あたしたちの3月のお気に入りをご紹介!みんなのお気に入りもぜひ教えてね :)

Mona Lisa Smile / モナリザ・スマイル (2013)

One of the famous feminism movies but also not only about feminism.

Top girls' university in America in 1950s, students are very smart and educated but they all think getting married and be a perfect wife is the only and the happiest way of your life. Great casting, and if you watch it now and 1950s costumes look absolutely gorgeous!


Please Like Me It's an Australian TV series on Netflix. I'd been wanted to watch it and in March, I had a little time so I started and I COULDN'T STOP! I finished season 1 to season 4 in like a week. It was such a wonderful show that everyone can relate to any situation. LGBTQ, feminism, self-conscious, self-confidence, friendship, relationship, family, heartbreaks and all that! And it's hilarious.


El Empleo (2008) This is a short film from Argentina. It's called El Empleo (The Employment) and this short film made me think what's "work." Luckily, I truly enjoy my job, like I'm not thinking about money. However, this film made me think that I wanna quit or don't wanna get a job that I can't enjoy

これはアルゼンチンのショートフィルム、"El Empleo"(雇用)と言うタイトルで、あたしたちがお店になってする『仕事』を違う視点から描かれたもの。あたしは自分の仕事をお金のことを忘れてしまうくらい、心から楽しめているけれど、このショートフィルムを観たら自分の仕事が本当にやりがいがあって、楽しめて、本当にやりたいことなのかなど、いろいろ考えさせられた。もし、あたしの仕事が楽しくなかったらこのショートフィルムのように奴隷化したくないし、仕事を辞める勢いだったと思う。

Riverdale It's new TV series that came out recently, and I watched 8 episodes in three days. It's so dramatic and cheesy but I'm embarrassingly obsessed with it. I couldn't stop watching to figure out who killed the boy! (You definitely should give it a try. Cole Sprouse is in it!!)

新しく始まったTVシリーズ!これまでエピソード8まで放送されていて、内容は少しPretty Little Liarsのようにドラマチックでくすぐったくなるようなセリフがあったりするけど、エピソード一つ読んだらもう止まらない!次のお話が気になって気になって、途中でやめることなんてできないはず!それからなんといってもCole Sprouse(コール・スプラウス)がイケメンすぎて。笑

Afterglow - Jacques Greene

This is a music video of Afterglow by Jacques Greene. I put his new album Feel Infinite on "to listen." I AM OBSESSED with this album. And this music video is something new and I like the words during the song.

これはJacques Greene(ジャック・グリーン)のAfterglowのミュージックビデオ。"To Listen"にも追加したけど、彼の新しいアルバム"Feel Infinite"は最高。このミュージックビデオのコンセプト、デザイン、メッセージ、全部に魅了されてる :)