a fashionable ego death: changing perspectives

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion- what I put on my body, what certain pieces make me look like, and how I showcase my style to those I encounter in everyday life.

From personal experience, clothes and I have had a tumultuous ride. We have gone from great indifference, pretending to know a thing or two about fashion, trying to fit in with everyone else’s (at times boring) style, reading too many Teen Vogues on a small budget, and finally, dressing exclusively for myself and for comfort’s sake.


あたしの経験上、洋服とあたしの関係はいつも落ち着くことがなかったの。あたしは最初ファッションには無関心だったけど、そこから少しづつ知っていくようになって、他のみんなに合わせて着てみたりもして(退屈だった)、Teen Vogueを安く買って読み尽くしたりして、最後には自分自身と自分の心地よさだけを考えて服を選ぶようになったり。

I’ve realized as I’ve carried on through my short existence that, not only have I completely changed as an individual, my sense of style has changed as well. I go through many phases of fashion and, not one to pinpoint my aesthetic directly, have developed a jumbled mess of random clothing from various phases I’ve experienced. For example, I own an expensive and long ‘bohemian-esque’ skirt that I probably would never have picked up if I were to see it in store now. To contrast, I have recently just purchased a vintage, silk-blue sukajan jacket which pays homage to Okinawa, Japan on it. I am obsessed with it. Will I like this jacket a few months from now? Only time will tell…

あたしはまだそんなに長く生きてないけれど、個性が変わっただけではなくて、あたしのセンスも一緒に変わったことに気づいたの。別にあたしの美的価値を特定するわけではないけれど、あたしは今までにいろんなファッションを試してきた。例えば、『ボヘミアン風』の長いスカートを持ってるんだけど、たぶん今のあたしなら絶対に買わないと思う。それと対照に、最近ヴィンテージのシルクブルーの『Okinawa Japan』って刺繍の入ってるスカジャンを買ったの。で、あたしはそのジャケットに夢中なの!数ヶ月後にこのジャケットをまだ着ているかは、あたしにもわからない。