bloom of youth: max (17)

I just turned 24 years old but I have a few friends who are still teenager. And talking to them reminds me of who I was when I was their age all the time like "was I thinking like that?" "have I ever felt like that?" "my friends and I weren't like that!" and all the stuff. As the generation changes I feel like they're growing up faster than we did, or at least I did. So, I decided to interview a few of teenagers about finding who they are, and what is like to be a teenager now.


Recently, I became friend with 17 years old boy, Max from Seattle through our mutual friends. He is a high school student who takes college courses, and has huge love towards music. We became friends because of music, and every time when I become friend with younger or older people, it makes me think that age really doesn't matter for friendship. He is sincere, honest and modest young man. Also, very happy and deep at the same time, if that makes sense. Talking to him makes me think that he's such a pure gold ✧ He's one of honeyhands readers, too ;)

最近、共通の友達を通して、アメリカのシアトルに住んでいる17歳の男の子、Max(マックス)と友達になったの。彼は大学のコースを受講しつつ、まだ現役高校生!マックスは音楽が大好きで、あたしたちが友達になったのも音楽がきっかけ。いつも年上や年下と仲良くなると、友情に年齢って関係ないなって思わされる。マックスは、すごくハッピーだけど、深くて色々考えている優しくて、素直で、忠実な男の子。彼はhoneyhandsのファンでもあるの :)

Here's interview/our conversations.


Hikari: What do you think or how do you feel about being a teenager? Hikari: ティーンエイジャーでいることにどういう風に感じたり、どう思う?