april favorites

Hello ❁❁

It's May! How was your April? I'm pretty sure some places are getting warmer like Spring? In Canada, it was still snowing in the end of the month. I hope to see flowers blooming soon in this month :) Here's our April favorites! What was your favorite things from April? Please recommend us your favorite songs, videos, articles, films or anything! (Ruru and Hikari)

もう5月!4月も終わり、日本はあったかくなってきたのかな?みんなの4月はどうだった?新しい出会いはあったかな?入学、入社した人はおめでとう♡カナダは、やっとあったかくなってきたけれど、4月の末まで雪が降ったりしていたよ。今月には花が咲き始めてくれたら嬉しいな :) みんなの4月のお気に入りはなんだった?おすすめな曲、動画、映画や記事があれば、いつでも教えてね♡

A Ma Soeur / Fat Girl (2001)

I've been wanted to watch French director, Catherine Breillat's film. She is famous for showing women's sexuality openly on a film. In this film, a big sister who is beautiful, skinny, cares about what boys think about her and waiting for a prince, and a little sister who is a little chubby and giving her sister a cold stare. Their two different types of ways of thinking about love and sexuality. Maybe, some of you feel the same as one of them?


Blow up / 欲望 (1967)

It's a mystery art film based in 1960's London. I'd been wanted to watch but didn't have a time, but in this month, finally I watched it and I really enjoyed a film for the first time in a long time! I'll recommend to people who are interested in 60's British fashion and culture!