have you ever felt "蛙化現象"(かえるかげんしょう)?

Hello ❁

今日は、あたしたちの読者でもあり、一度RuruがパンセクシュアリティについてインタビューをしたことのあるYunoからいただいたメールを元に、この記事をみんなにシェアしたいと思うよ :) いただいたメールはこちら!

We received an email from Yuno who had a little chat about pansexuality with Ruru on honeyhands a while ago. And here's her email.

Name: Yuno

Title: I have a question. Message: I've talked about pansexuality before with Ruru. I have a question about "Kaeruka Gensho*." I learned that when I think like "no one would love me!" I'm not being modest. I seriously think like that and that's called "Kaeruka Gensho" in Japanese. I know there are some different ways to feel "Kaeruka Gensho" but have you two ever felt "Kaeruka Gensho" that before?