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Hello ❁❁ Okay, so it's June! Almost half of 2017 is over! How crazy that is!? I hope you all had a lovely spring/summer May :) Here's our May Favorites. (Ruru / Hikari) 6月になったからあたしたちの5月のお気に入りを紹介するね!みんなの5月のお気に入りはなんだった?

Cable Girls

We both are obsessed with this TV show on Netflix. Cable Girls shows how women were treated in 20's in Spain. And this show is AMAZING! Obviously, if you're interested in feminism, this is one of the best shows to watch because you can enjoy not only the part which focuses on women, but also whole other stories: love, friendship, work, fashion, and more. What did you guys think? We can't wait for Season 2!

るるもひかりもNetflixシリーズの"Cable Girls"に夢中!二人とも数日でシーズン1を終わらせちゃうほど。内容は、20年代のスペインで、どんな風に女性が扱われていたか、女性の権利はどんなものだったのかが見れるTVシリーズ。シーズン2が待ちきれない!もし見た人はどう思ったか教えてね :)

Real Tips on Self Love - Arden Rose

I like how she answered her subscribers' questions honestly. Obviously, there are a lot of teenagers and people who struggle with self-loving as we all do. So, maybe you'll find exactly same things with her or her subscribers? It's nice to know that you're not alone in this. Self-love can be helped by many people, but the person who decides to take it positively or negatively is only you.

英語の勉強になるかも!?セルフラブについてYouTuberのArden Rose(アーデン・ローズ)がティーンエイジャーや若者の質問にお答え!彼女の本当の経験や考えだから、リアルな意見が聞けるかも?もしかしたら自分も当てはまるかも?

10 Masturbation Hacks - Hannah Witton

Hannah shared how we all should enjoy masturbation and she suggested 10 hacks for us which is awesome!!



My favorite artist, YouTuber, writer and poet Orion came out as a bisexual! And I like this video so much :)


Piece of Cake: Self Acceptance - The Messy Heads


Pleasure - Feist

This Old Dog - Mac DeMarco

Salt - B. Miles

Escapism III - Sam Gallaitry

Harry Styles - Harry Styles

Let It Pass - Jakob Ogawa

We Go Home Together ft. James Blake - Mount Kimbie

Playlist Series Episode 3: Saudade

Podcast Episode 2: Q&A about Study Abroad

@7_art__ / @mrs7kitty

She is our illustrator :)





beret / denim jacket

I was obsessed with this denim jacket and beret hat this spring! (I don't wear them together usually but here's my mirror selfie which I took before my shift haha) I'll definitely wear this jacket this summer! But maybe not this beret since the material is not summery at all?

最近はベレー帽とデニムジャケットにハマってる!これは仕事前に仕事場のトイレでミラーセルフィーしたとき。笑 別に必ずいつもベレー帽とデニムジャケットを一緒にきてるわけじゃないけど、この二つのアイテムはこの春、大活躍だったかも?

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