a little chat with kassandra

Hello ❁

Last week, Ami shared her experiences on being a bisexual woman in different cultures and today, I had another "a little chat" interview with one of my closest friends, Kassandra who is lesbian. I met her when I transferred to the college in the US. We were in same year and major. Now, I seriously can't imagine my life without her!

プライドマンスということで、先週のアミのバイセクシュアルについてのインタビューに引き続き、今週はあたしのベストフレンド、Kassandra(カサンドラ)が彼女のセクシュアリティ、レズビアンについての経験やストーリーなどをシェアしてくれたよ。あたしがカサンドラに出会ったのは、ニュージャージーでの大学で同じ学年で、同じ学部だったの。彼女はあたしにとって本当に大切なかけがえのない友達 :)

Here's our little chat!


Hikari: When did you realize that you’re lesbian?

Hikari: 自分がレズビアンだと気づいたのはいつ?

Kassandra: I realized I was attracted to women when I was in 7th grade (12 years old). That realization brought on a sequence of flashbacks from my childhood that I then noticed, "oh... I didn't like that girl just as a friend, I totally had a crush on her..".


I was raised very religious, with a Latino background, in a very small, predominantly white, town in New Jersey. Because I was so "sheltered", I honestly never even heard of LGBTQ anything. The only "gay" that was present in my life were the stereotypical, flamboyantly gay men I'd see in Spanish "novelas"... never did I imagine that there was such a thing as a gay woman. Being a young elementary school girl, it is expected for girls to have crushes on boys in your class... so, I'd always choose the best looking ones because I needed to have an answer when my friends would ask who I liked, right? I had "boyfriends" throughout my elementary/middle school years however, I never liked the idea of being affectionate with them; it just felt weird and... kinda gross. So instead of affection I would bring my boyfriends flowers and teddy bears to make up for it, which thinking about that concept now at 23, is so funny. I was quite the "gentlelady" to my boyfriends.


Fast-forward a couple years later in 7th grade, I met a girl at my church who told me she was Bisexual... I remember that just totally blowing my mind because I was thinking, "wait... it's possible for us [religious girls] to like other women? Not just boys?? That's a real thing!?" And that's when the question hit me..."Am I bi?" I internally tested and observed my emotions and thoughts that following week to see what I really thought of girls... and I was like shit... I so, so, so love women... like a lot. After coming out to my dog, I called my best friend at the time to tell her and she handled it so wonderfully.