a little chat with ami

Hello ❁

As we posted on Monday where we shared LGBTQIA+ films and TV series, it's PRIDE MONTH!! Today, I interviewed my long time best friend from Japan, Ami who is bisexual. I met Ami in high school, and we ended up went to same college in Japan and the US. She is half Filipino and half Japanese. She was born and raised in the Philippines and she moved to Japan when she was 12 years old. She grew up in two different cultures. Maybe you can find something interesting?


Here's our little chat :)


Hikari: When did you realize that you're bisexual?

Hikari: 自分がバイセクシャルだと気付いたときはいつ?

Ami: When I lived in the Philippines, maybe I was 10 or 11 years old, I had a crush on this three-year older girl who was my neighbour. I didn't think what was the feeling but when I look back now, I think like "I was gay!" I realized that I was bisexual when I was in high school, grade 11. I had a crush on this senior student and I was almost stalking her on social media! LOL

Ami: まだフィリピンにいたときなんだけど、10才か11才のときに近所に住んでいた3歳上の女の子に友達というよりも、ロマンチックな感情を持って、妄想している自分に気づいたの。別にその感情に対して、その時は疑問に思わなかったけど、今振り返ると『自分ゲイだったな〜』って思う。一番気づいたきっかけになったのは、高校2年性の時に体育祭で一つ上の女性の先輩に片思いしてて、ミクシィとかでストーカーみたいにしてる自分がいた。笑

H: Was it easy to accept who you are? Or was it difficult?

H: 自分ですぐに納得できた?それとも疑ったり、難しかった?

A: I cameout to my best friend and she told me "that's normal." And I could think that is normal and okay to fall in love with a woman.

A: 一番最初にカミングアウトしたのは、親友。周りのおかげで『それが普通だよ』って言われたから女性に恋することも普通なんだって、すんなり受け入れられた。

H: How did you feel when you came out?

H: あなたにとってカミングアウトはどういうものだった?

A: I think it was easier for me since my friends were understanding even though I was in Japan. And it was the moment that I accepted who I am. Also, it's an opportunity to share who I am to everyone else so I could live more freely.

A: 他の人に比べて日本にいても、周りの友達のおかげでオープンにしやすかったな。自分を受け入れる瞬間だった。あと、他の人にも本当の自分をシェアすることで受け入れてもらえるきっかけ。だから、もっとありのままに生きれる。

H: Were the reactions in Japan, the USA, and the Philippines different?

H: 日本とアメリカ、フィリピンでの反応はどう違った?

A: In Japan, I couldn't even hold a hand of my girlfriend and dating with a woman in Japan was kind of burden for me. I don't think it's easy to live as LGBTQIA+ person in Japan. I realized it because I live in the US where it's more open to LGBTQIA+ and we can hold hands in public and it's easier to live as bisexual for me. In the Philippines, I only spent time when I was a kid so I'm not sure how people are accepting LGBTQIA+ but when I visited three years ago, there was a gay contest in my local town so I feel like they're more open to LGBTQIA+ than Japan.

A: 日本で女性と付き合ってたとき、手が繋げなかったり、女性と付き合って