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It's the end of Pride Month so here's last interview for our Pride Month! Do you remember the interviews I did with Ami and Kassandra? Today, I interviewed them as a couple. Since Kassandra and Ami are in a relationship, I could ask them about not only being a lesbian couple but also in an international relationship. You can know their cultural differences, too!


Here's our little chat :)


Hikari: How did you guys meet? How long have you guys been together?

Hikari: 二人はどうやって出逢ったの?どれくらい付き合ってるの?

Ami: I graduated from a junior college in Japan and transferred to a sister college in Morristown,NJ to finish my study. I met Kassie at a smoking circle chilling with Hikari and our other friend. She suddenly asked me, “are you gay?” I looked at Hikari and asked her in Japanese, “you told them?” Hikari said,”I didn't say anything”(laughing). I just thought how Americans are so aggressive but that's how it started lol

Ami: 日本で短大を卒業して、ニュージャージー州にある大学に編入したの。カサンドラに出逢ったのは学校の喫煙所でヒカリと他の友達とのんびりしてたとき。いきなり『あなたゲイ?』って聞かれて、思わずびっくりしてヒカリの顔を見て、日本語で『あの子に言ったの!?』って聞いたら『あたしは何も言ってないよ笑』って言われて、アメリカ人ってダイレクトにものをいうんだな〜と感じた。あたしたちの出逢いの印象はそんな感じ。

Kassandra: It was my first year at a 4-year college (I transferred from a 2-year associate's degree program) and I was sitting with a friend at the “smoking circle”. I asked her “Since this is an all girl’s school, is there a lot of gay women here?” and she responded with “Ohh yes..basically 85% of this school is gay!” Ami (who I didn’t know yet) was approaching the circle at that moment, and I asked “Let me guess, you’re gay?” and she took a step back and looked so surprised...but said yes. That’s how we met and we’ve been together since almost 3 years later.


H: Have you guys ever confronted difficult situations?

H: 大変だなって思う経験はしたことある?

A: Kassie was raised in a Mormon culture which strictly prohibits relationship between the same sex and I had to pretend a couple of times as her friend every time the bishop or missionaries visit the house. But I'm used to it now.

A: カサンドラは同性の恋愛関係にとても厳しいモルモン教の家庭で育ったから、カサンドラの教会の人に会う時は毎回カサンドラの友達のフリをしなきゃいけなかったり、大変。だけど、もう慣れちゃった。

K: There was this one time recently where Ami and I were on a weekend getaway in Virginia in my car, stopped at a traffic light. I leaned over to give her a quick kiss and *BEEEEEP BEEEP BEEP* we heard a horn honking at us. We both looked around to see where it was coming from until we all of a sudden heard “Do it again!! Come onnn, for meee!! Do it again I want to watch! Can I join?” It was the truck driver in the tractor trailer next to us. It was just annoying knowing that I’m not even safe IN MY CAR to kiss my girlfriend. So I gave him the finger and drove away.

K: ヴァージニア州にアミと車で旅行に行ったときに、信号で止まってたの。運転席から助手席に座ってるアミにキスしたら、プップーッって誰かがクラクションを鳴らしてるのが聞こえたの。どこから聞こえてきたんだろうと思って見渡してたら、いきなり『もう一回!俺のためにもう一回キスして!それか俺も混ぜて!』って隣に止まってたトラックのドライバーが叫んできたの。あたしは自分の彼女に自分の車の中でキスもできないのかってうざくて仕方なかった。だからミドルフィンガーをトラックのドライバーにあげて、その場を去ったわ。

H: How was your friends and family’s reaction?

H: 二人が付き合い始めて、友達や家族の反応は?

A: I changed my relationship status on Facebook from single to in relationship with Kassie (a woman) and that's how I announce to my friends and family lol (I really suck at sharing my private life to everyone). My friends and family were excited for me (except my dad who doesn't know yet.)

A: Facebookで交際関係の欄を、カサンドラ(女性)と付き合ってるって変えたの。そのとき、友達や家族に一斉に発表した感じ。笑 あたしあんまりプライベートなことをシェアするのが得意じゃないから。あたしの友達も家族も(パパはまだ知らないんだけど)みんな喜んでくれた。