who am i / noor

Hello people,

Here is the second article of my 'who am I' series, in which I (ruru) interview and take photos of people who have multicultural backgrounds such as mixed race or born and raised in different countries.

This time I interviewed Noor who is Kuwaiti.

Here is her story.

今日は私、ルルが個人的にやってるフォトインタビュープロジェクト 'Who am I' の第2弾。このシリーズでは、ハーフや生まれた国と育った国が違うなど、2カ国以上をバックグラウンドに持つ人たちにインタビューと撮影していくよ。


下で彼女のストーリーをチェックしてみてね :)

1, Please introduce yourself


My name is Noor Hayat. I'm a 20 year old Kuwaiti girl living in London studying Japanese and Linguistics. I was born in Vienna, at around age 5 I went to Kuwait and lived the rest of my school life there. I love anime, films, literature and drawing. I love anything cu