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june favorites

Hello! How was your June? We can't believe that a half of 2017 has been gone!! Here's our June Favorites :) What was your favorites? Please send us your recommendations! (Pink by Ruru / Green by Hikari)

ついに2017年の半分が終わってしまい、7月に!ということであたしたちの『6月のお気に入り』を紹介したいと思います♡みんなのお気に入りのTV番組や音楽など、気軽に送ってね!(PinkはRuru / GreenはHikari)

I'm Taking My Body Back | Rupi Kaur | TEDxKC

The most provocative fashion show ever

i-D Meets: Tokyo's Genderless Youth


Becoming Confident In Our Bodies with Ebony Day | Lucy Moon #AD

Girls at Library


ジョン・カビラ「娘が性暴力を受けたら『最後まで抵抗しなかった君が悪い』と言えますか」 視聴者の声に反論

「私はゲイです」文京区議がカミングアウト 死別したパートナーへの思い


男性はなぜ同性のヌードを嫌がる? フットボール選手の裸「見たくない」その背景は

honeyhands podcast on iTunes

Pride Playlist by Charlotte Day Wilson

Loveless - Lo Moon

Nuggets ft. Bonzai - Mura Masa

Please - Rhye




The British museum is having an exhibition of a Japanese artist, Hokusai.

I have been interested in Japanese art from Edo period, such as Ukiyoe and Shunga past a few years.

I saw Shunga by Hokusai in Japan before but this exhibition focus on only his work, life and Ukiyoe.

All works are just so beautiful, sensitive details and colours you could look at for ages.

and they have 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'!!!!( Hokusai's most famous work)

I will put some links about Hokusai and Edo art if you are interested in xx








The Great Wave off Kanagawa


Nature Sounds

My boyfriend and I have been into nature sounds. We light our favorite beeswax candle, incense and put a few speakers on. We play rainforest sounds, thunderstorm sounds, ocean sounds, and more. You can change with your mood but usually, any kind of those sounds made me calm and productive. Try when you want to concentrate on something or just reading :) These are my favorites!

今、彼とはまっているのが自然の音!あたしたちのお気に入りのビーズワックスキャンドルとお香と一緒に、ソファでのんびりするときやパソコンに向かって仕事をしたりするときに流すの。例えば、熱帯雨林のジャングルだったり、雷のなっている嵐のような天気だったり、波の音など様々!とっても落ち着くし、集中力が上がる!特に仕事や勉強しているときや、本を読んでいるときにおすすめ :) あたしのお気に入りはこちら!

Thunderstorm (雷と嵐)

Rainforest (ジャングル)

Ocean (波)

At last, we'd love to thank you who purchased our "FEMINIST TEE" :) Thank you very much for your support!! If you haven't got one yet, you can get from here! Don't forget to share on your social media, tag with @honeyhandsmag!!

最後に、『ふぇみにすとTシャツ』を買ってくださった皆様、honeyhandsをサポートしてくださり、本当にありがとうございます♡もしまだゲットしていない方はこちらで!SNSに載せる際には@honeyhandsmag(Twitter & instagram)とのタグを忘れないでね :)

xx Ruru & Hikari

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