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what is "age" for you?

Hello ppls,

Today, I am going to be talking about an ad by a Japanese skin care company, SK ll.

Has anyone watched this video yet? It has been everywhere recently.


今日は最近話題になっている ’期限なんてない | SK-II #changedestiny’ のCMについて思ったことを









The ad is about how women feel pressured about their age from society.

They focus on Asian countries and 30 years old.

I believe we can see those pressure of marriage and ideal life in the most counties but I can say it's still a huge thing in Japan.

On TV in Japan, media broadcasts perfect marriage and have family idea, which is women should married by 30 years old.

In dramas and films, marriage is the happy ending and plots about 'Is he the one? Can I marry him?'.

Celebrities are often asked if they want to get married.



This ad can be negative since it emphasises '30years old' and some people might get negative impression of becoming over 30 years old.

So I would not 100% agree with the ad yet it is a good thing that a big company like SK ll tries to make those negative pressure to positive.

I'm just 23 now and i think for young people in 2017, age isn't a big deal as it used to be but we can say the ad has succeed if anyone around 30 years old people feel more positive for their age after the watched the ad.




The ad reminded me of last year. I was frustrated and disappointed with myself.

Not about marriage or having family but about I am almost two years late to graduate from University than my friends in Japan, I haven't found a job yet (in Japan, people normally already get a job offer from companies before they graduate), I don't even know what I want to do and found hard to have long-term friendship and relationship.

I chose all choices by myself past a few years and still feel so lost and it gave me a panic and stress.




I knew what I wanted to be when I was a teenager but more I get older, more I get lost.

Seeing friends in Japan seems doing well on SNS made me feel I am no one and nothing.

In January, I tried to tell myself, 'don't think about it too much! it's your last year of University, focus on what you have to / can do now.'

I managed to refresh my mind and now I don't worry too much of my future.

Sometimes, you have to wait until time things come to you and you will know what to do.




Since I came to England, I've met so many people and saw so many different ways of living.

I grew up a certain type of environment that everyone go to University and get a good job and I believed that what I will do as well.

But meeting new people gave me new ideas and encouraged me to go to British University for a full time student and moving to across the world

to the UK gave me lots confidence and open mind.







Some people say that it's boring that you finish high school and go to Uni and get a job and married like everyone else does.

Yeah It might not sounds the person have a super unique and crazy life like people adore him/her yet there's lots people who look doing like everyone else doing but still making their best choices what they want to do in their lives.

There is no exact same and it's okey as long as you think it's your best choice you can do at the time.

You don't have to go study abroad or travel over the world to be different from other people. There's many people who do those things so you can't be super super different and unique just by those experiences anyways to be honest.




If you are happy and doing what you can/want to do now, it's all good.

It's your choice, you choose it.

My choice was came to England and I don't know what I will choose next.

But when time comes, I will see what I want and what I can.

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