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time and youth

Reader's submission by Shiori Ota


The reason why I started using film camera was I couldn't stop looking at my mother's old pictures at my grandmother's, with my shining eyes. I've seen the albums so many times but every time when I visit my grandmother's, I pull out the albums from the closet. I love the differences of the time with now and then and it's so beautiful. I feel printed film photographs are more interesting to look back than looking back on the laptop with the data of the pictures that we took with digital camera.

初めは何も考えずに適当に写真をとっていたのですが、写真家Karen RozetzskyのYoung Loveという写真集をみてから、自然体だけどアートとして存在する写真の美しさに惹かれて、写真をアートとして捉えるようになりました。インターネット上にpostされている作品や写真展でインスピレーションをうけています。

At first, I was taking pictures without thinking anything like no purpose. However, after I saw the photo book called Young Love by Karen Rozetzsky,who is a photographer from Amsterdam, I was attracted by the fact that the candid pictures can be such a beautiful art. So I started taking pictures as an art. I always get inspired by something that it's posted on the Internet.

(テーマについて)これを表現しよう!とおもってガチガチに考えた上で撮ることはほとんどありませんが、結局Time と Youthが当てはまることがほとんどです。今の自分にとっての不安が時間の過ぎる早さ、と間近なティーンエイジャーの終わり、ということもあり無意識にその不安をカバーするように写真を利用しているようです。

I'd never decided a theme for my photographs but it's usually Time and Youth. I think because I feel pressure from the time passing so quickly at the end of my teenage so I take pictures of Time and Youth unconsciously to make myself feel better from all the pressure. Time // 時間の過ぎる早さが私にとっての恐れというのは、歳を取るだけでなく、若いからこその希望やそれに伴う可能性がかすれてしまうと感じるからです。何気ない風景や気にしていない部分を写真で残すことで、日常や写真を撮った日の出来事を証明すると同時に、普通忘れてしまうようなや会話や風景をよりクリアに思い出せるので単純に楽しくて便利です。

Time // The fear of time passing quickly is not only getting older but also, I feel the hope and dreams that we have because of our youth are fading away. Taking photographs of my everyday life can remind me of not only the time but also, the conversations that was nothing at the time or the view that we saw come back clearly and it's simply fun.

Youth // "若者"でいることは私にとってとても大きく、歳をとるにつれて焦りや不安が膨らみます。(youth世代は、)比較的自由が多く、行動次第では無茶な挑戦ができる時期だとおもっているのですが、時間は待った無しで過ぎてしまいます。親を見ていて働く大変さや社会にでる大変さを無意識に印象付けられてしまっていることもあって、心のどこかでまだ自由でいたい!大人になりたくないな!って思っているようです。19歳ってほとんど大人かもしれないですけど。そこで、生き生きしてる友達や弟を撮ることでこの自由でワイルドな精神を忘れないようにしたいと思っています。

Youth // Being "youth" is very big deal to me because I feel anxious and pressured as I get older and older because I feel like people who are in their "youth" have more free time and adventurous, but time will never stop for anyone. Seeing my parents working in the society can be one of the reasons makes me feel like "I don't wanna get old yet!" and "I wanna stay be free!" I don't know if being 19 years old considers as an adult but taking pictures of my friends and brother who is lively and full of youthness makes me want to remember the wild spirit of youth.


The desire to capture all the motions, dreams and moments keeps me take photographs.


この写真は、島旅行で撮った一枚です。目の前に広がる海を前にして、chitchat する時間はとても素敵だと思います。誰でも楽しい時や幸せな時、時間が止まればいいのに!おもったことあると思うんですが、写真(とくに現像して紙として存在する写真)は止まった時間を形にしたものだと思います。

I took this picture while my island trip. I like the time just chit chatting front of boundless ocean. Everyone wishes to stop time when the time is filled with happiness and enjoyment. And the photographs can be the time when I wanted time to stop.

駅にいた若いカップル。大事な人と過ごす時間は忘れられないものであるものの、大抵記憶に残るのは全体の中の一部の印象的な出来事だけだと思うと普段の何気ない時間を大切にしたいと思わせられます。 Young couple at the station. You don't wanna forget the time with your important person but most of the time, we only remember the bigger events so I wanna put on value on the time that is always there, too.


This is the sunset that I took in Manila, the Philippine. When I look back this picture, I remember the time that I was having fun, vividly. I like the idea of taking pictures with film camera in the time when we can take videos and pictures digitally. Developing is one of the best part. It's like bringing back the memories.



I took this when I scared her from hiding. It's nice to take a picture of people who are posing but also the moment that no one expect also fun to capture. Friends and all other relationship change as getting older and older when our lifestyle also changes so I don't wanna forget to appreciate people around me. So I take pictures of my friends when we go out. It's almost like I'm wanting to save this feeling and thought forever.


It's just a light but turned out to be my favorite one. I love how the light is expanding. The view was more bright in real life and different from the picture but that made me realize that what we see like landscape, things, and people are not everything. I wanna see things with flexible mind because that makes easier to see the world and live my life with less big big walls.


Couple, at Thai Festival. I'd never fall in love with anyone before, so I like watching other couples. Seeing that they care about each other and being themselves naturally, it's so wonderful and beautiful to me.

夜の公園。単純に大好きな友達を撮ることは楽しくて、見返しても幸せな気持ちになります。 学生生活真っ只中の今は、友達とふざけあって遊ぶことがなによりも楽しい時期ですが、将来への不安や希望が複雑に絡み合って、難しく大変な時期でもあります。徐々に子供っぽさが消え、自立していく友達を見ていると、自分の生き方や夢について不安が増してしまいます。

Park at night. I love taking pictures of my friends because looking back those photographs always makes me happy. Being just silly with my friends are always fun time but as I get older, my anxiety towards my future and hope combins with my fun time and I found it a little bit difficult. Seeing my friends who is becoming more independent and childishness starts disappearing in them, makes me feel anxious about my life and dreams but that's also part of YOUTH. Shiori Ota (オオタ シオリ)

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Translated by Hikari

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