online friends and dating apps

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Recently, we have been getting some requests from our readers and today, I'd love to answer one of them :) It's about online friends and dating apps like Tinder. I got this topic request from Japanese girl and I believe Tinder or dating app is not so popular in Japan as much as in North America or Europe.

最近、読者の方からこんな記事を書いてほしい!とリクエストをいただくようになったので、今日はぜひともリクエストにお答えさせていただきたいと思います :) 今日は、日本人の女の子からのリクエストで、インターネット上での友達やTinderのような出会い系アプリについて。Tinderや出会い系アプリは最近まで日本では北米やヨーロッパのように『普通』ではなかったかも?

Well, I'll talk about Internet/Online Friends. I have a few online friends which almost made me feel super weird that I actually haven't met them yet but feel like I know them for a long time. And most of the time, my online friends become real friends. I met them in person and we became just friends and usually, I stay with friends who I met on the Internet more than in real life friends.


Obviously, I know that I'm taking a risk and being careful when I share things on the Internet because literally, EVERYONE can see what I post. However, from what I post on the Internet, some people get really interested in who I am. And I have the same thing to the others. I met at least three friends through Instagram in Japan, Canada and the US. (All of them are girls since I wasn't looking for any romance)