july favorites

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Yes, it's already AUGUST!! So, here's our July favorites :) Please send us your favorite songs, films, books or articles. We're always looking for more inspirations hehe (Ruru / Hikari) みんな元気?もう8月ということで、今日はあたしたちの7月のお気に入りを紹介!みんなのお気に入りの記事や本、曲、映画をぜひ教えてね♡(Ruru / Hikari)

The Stepford Wives (2004)

Becoming Confident In Our Bodies with Ebony Day

Sakura Anpan (vegan)

Ep. 13 - Out Here My Thoughts Seem Too Loud

Answering Your Q's About Sex



炎上CM、想像力なさすぎ? メディアのジェンダー表現


Something's Changing - Lucy Rose

Scum Fuck Flower Boy - Tyler, The Creator

Ep. 6: Home - The Messy Heads Podcast

Don't Pull Away ft. Milosh - J.Views

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Recent snack favourites

I discovered those snacks recently and loving it!

Both are English and not sure if they are available in other countries but you must try them!! so good! I'm not a fan of marshmallow normally but this one is really good. Covered with chocolate<3

and Jacob's twiglets is very english it's Marmite flavour so maybe not everyone will likes it haha.




もう一個はとってもイギリス!なお菓子。マーマイトって知ってる人もいるかな?オーストラリアだとベジマイトで知られてるトーストに塗るペーストなんだけど独特な味だから外国人で嫌い!って人は多いみたい。私も初めて高校生のとき食べた時無理!って思ったのだけどなぜか去年たまたまそ食べたら好きになってた!笑 日本で売ってるかわからないけどもし見つけたらぜひトライしてみてね💕

Photo by @hikarilillynaka / @hikfilm

Chilling under the Sun

I don't really like spending a day under the hot summer sun but I love spending outside early in the morning or around sunset in summer. The sunlight and the air is just so perfect. I drink tea with my boyfriend in the garden, I read a book on the patio, and walking around my neighbourhood. Sunlight and shadow are pretty in the dawn. These are the time I adore very much in summer.



I am obsessed with incense. When I get home from anywhere, I just wanna change to my room wear and put incense on. I just love it so much. And read a book, work on my laptop, or just chill. It's just amazing and a little special essential to my life right now.


Ippodo Houjicha

My boyfriend, Luke and I have been enjoying tea and we both love houjicha. He showed me Ippodo which is Japanese tea store. He flew to Japan for his work in July and he got us a pack of houjicha! It's so amazing and it warms up my heart :)


xx Ruru & Hikari