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Jerry Shawback

Hello ❁

今日は、マスターベーション(オナニー)について話そうと思ってる。友達とマスターベーションについて話したことある?どうやってオナニーするか知ってる?みんなはマスターベーションする?(もちろん、このトピックってものすごく繊細でプライベートな内容だから答えなくていいよ笑) 本当に何人かだけど、控えめにならずにこのことについてオープンに話せる友達はいるけど、たまに友達と気軽に話せる内容ならよかったのに、って思う。もちろん彼には何でも話せるからマスターベーションについて話すこともあるけど、ほとんどの友達はみんな聞いたり話したりするだけで、心地悪い雰囲気にいさせちゃうのかなとも思うときがある。でも、このトピックって、誰にでも興味深いトピックだと思って今日はあたしがマスターベーションについて思うことや、知りたかったことについて話そうと思う :) もちろん、全員違った感じ方や好みがあるわけで、この記事では何が正しくて何が間違ってるなんて書くつもりはないよ。

Today, I wanna talk about masterbation. Have you ever talked about masterbation with your friends? Do you know how to do it? Or... do you masterbate? Obviously, you don't have to answer any of these questions because it's a bit sensitive and private topic. But I wish it was more casual topic to talk to my friends. I have a few friends who I can talk about it without hesitations and also, I can talk about it with my boyfriend but I don't think most of my friends would be comfortable with both listening to and talking about it. BUT, I know a lot of people would be interested in this topic so I'm gonna share what I think about masterbation and I did a little research in Japanese. Obviously, everyone's sexual preference is very different so I don't wanna say what's right and wrong in this article. I was just curious and wanted people to know the options and ideas.


First of all, I wonder how many of people, both girls and boys, experienced masterbation. I know that most of the boys I know experienced since when they were in middle school. I have no idea about my girl friends. I'd never talked about it with any of my Japanese girl friends but some of my friends in the US. I don't know why but I guess it's more personal than sex to most of the people, because you're not sharing the moment with anyone (usually.)


According to Japan Family Planning Association (2013), which over 7,000 of 20 to 69 years old Japanese people answered through the Internet research, Japanese men who experienced masterbation is 97% and women is 62%. (I tried to find the stats in Canada, the UK, and USA but it was hard to find.) While 72.6% of women experienced masterbation before their 20s, 96.1% of men experienced masterbation before their 20s (36.3% 15-19 years old, 55.1% 10-14 years old.) We can see the differences between women and men on masterbation from the result.


According to "Japan Sex Survey" (2017) by Jex (Japanese company), it's understandable that over 70% of men mastebate very often (everyday to once or twice a week) but I was surprised that the fact that almost 30% of women mastebate that often. At the same time, I'm surprised that almost 70% of women don't masterbate.