interview: ambivalently yours

Hey everyone! Today, I got to interview my favorite feminist artist, Ambivalently Yours. Maybe, many of you know already about her or her wonderful work. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

今日はあたしのお気に入りのフェミニストアーティスト、Ambivalently Yoursにインタビューさせてもらったよ。たぶん、彼女のことや彼女の作品を知っている人もいるかも?

Hi :) Could you tell us about yourself a bit?

こんにちは :) 少し自己紹介してくれる?

I'm a Montreal-based artist, that works under the alias Ambivalently Yours. My art is inspired by my ambivalence, feminist questions and online interactions. My work aims to highlight the potential for political resistance and emotional empathy that exists within conflicting emotions.

私はAmbivalently Yoursと名乗る、モントリオール出身のアーティスト。私のアートは両面価値(あいまいさ)やフェミニストとしての疑問、インターネットでの交流から影響を受けているの。私の作品は、政治的な抵抗のための可能性、そして矛盾感情に存在する感情の共感を強調することをめざしているの。

“Too much pink,” because you just love pink or any other reason?

『Too much pink(ピンクすぎ)』って自分でも言っているけれど、ただピンクが好きなだけ?それとも他に理由はあるの?

I’ve always loved pink and I do think it is a strong colour, but many people strongly disagree with me. I decided to make all my drawings light pink because people kept telling me not to. The use of pink is my rebellion against everyone who told me that pink was not a powerful colour, or that my work was too feminine and not confident or strong enough, or that I should use darker pink or black because they are somehow perceived as stronger colours. I know that girls are brainwashed from a young age to like pink, and maybe part of my affection for it is rooted in that, but I disagree that everything associated with girlhood should be automatically be seen as weak.