single mothers in japan: chat with moeko


Hope you are well. Today, I interview one of my friends, Moeko, who is working for a web media company for mothers in Tokyo.

Here is our conversation x


1. Hi Moeko! Could you introduce yourself first please?


My name is Moeko. I was born in February and am 23 years old now. I live in Tokyo and work near Shibuya as a web media editor. I love good food and traveling! For my next trip, I want to go to Rome!

名前はMoeko。 2月生まれの23歳。 日本の東京に住んでて、渋谷の近くで働いているよ! 職業はウェブメディアのEditor。美味しいものをたくさん食べることと、国内外を旅するのが大好き!!!♡ 次はローマに行きたいな〜〜♪

2. How did you decide to start working at this company for mothers?