august favourites

Hey everyone!

How was your August? We're surprising how fast time past every month when we post our favorites article..!! And the summer is coming the end. What was your favortie summer memories? Let us know your favorites in the comment :) Here's our August Favorites! (Ruru / Hikari)

みんなの8月はどうだった? 毎回『今月のお気に入り』を更新するたびに、もう1ヶ月たったのかと驚き!今年の夏ももうすぐ終わり。みんなの今年の夏の好きな思い出は?ぜひ知りたいので、コメントでシェアしてね♡ 私たちの8月のお気に入りはこちら!

This month, we have some videos and short films to watch. As you can see, we love YouTube. Who's your favorite YouTubers? We wanna find more cool ones to watch and share with everyone!


Hannah Witton - Chatty GRWM

Orion Carloto - Transitions

Antastesia - Travel Vlog: Kazakhstan (トラベルブログ:カザフスタン)

Hannah Witton - Monogamous VS Open Relationship with Shan Boody

Shan Boody - Pornography Addiction 101 with Hannah Witton

Twin Peaks Season 1 - 2

Here's some articles to read and website to visit :) First of all, we both Ruru and Hikari were interviewed by Japanese Website "Be Inspired" and we talked about Feminism, Japanese society, and honeyhands. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese but if you can translate, it's a must read ;) haha

みんなに読んでほしい記事やチェックしてほしいウェブサイトなどをシェアするね :) まず最初に、Be Inspiredで私たち、RuruとHikariがインタビューしていただきました!フェミニズムや日本社会、そしてhoneyhandsについてお話しさせてもらったよ。まだ読んでいない人は読んでみてね!

Interview article: Ruru

Interview article: Hikari

WHAT IS FEMINISM? 〜今さら聞けないフェミニズムって何?〜

NYLON offcial blogger, Akira shared about feminism with our Feminist Tee on her blog! NYLONオフィシャルブロガーのAkiraちゃんがhoneyhandsのふぇみにすとTシャツを着て、フェミニズムについてシェアしてくれたよ♡



戦後50年近くサハリンに残された日本人 自らの半生つづる


Your Identity is Yours—Sexuality Series