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grey asexuality : chat with shiho

Hello! 22th to 28th of October week is ASEXUALITY AWARENESS WEEK, and I shared "what's asexuality?" last post (LINK). This time, I chat with one of my friends, Shiho, who is asexual.

はろー、今月22-28日はアセクシャルアウェアネスウェークということで、前回の記事に続き(LINK) 今回もアセクシャル/無性愛について。今回は私、るるの友達で恋愛はするけどセックスはしたくないというグレーアセクシャルのShihoにインタビューしたよ。

1. Please introduce yourself


My name is Shiho. I was born in Osaka and currently living in Tokyo, 24 years old. I went to private school and then went to University to study literature. Now, working at a IT company as a web director. I used to love rock music, fashion and traveling but now is enjoying staying at home.



2. How do you define your sexuality?


Grey-Asexual. I used to thought I was Bisexual but I'm Heterosexual. I'm not really sure about my sexuality so I would say Grey-Asexual. Some Asexual people have neither romantic feeling and sexual attraction to others but not all asexual are like that. For my case, I have romantic feelings to others but I don't want to have any sexual activities. People say that kissing and having sex make you feel you are loved but I don't feel like that. For me, those are just physical activities.


3. When did you start to think that you are asexual?


When I was around 20n years old. I had never been in relationship before 20 and I thought I'm not popular. I like girl's body that's why I thought I might like girls. I found girl's body is attractive(like photos of girls in underwear) but men's naked body and half naked is disgusting ( I think there are lots girls like that). I read some articles and posts by LGBTQIA people and knew about asexuality.



4. You told me that you don't even want to watch kiss scene on TV. Since when did you start to feel like that?


About 6 months ago. I had a boyfriend when I was 21 and sex life with him had not been well. While we were taking about the problem, I've started to feeling disgusted by sex. I don't even want to watch it on film. However, I've been taking to my friends and my ex about it recently, maybe just me and him didn't match and it gave me traumatic feelings. But I think myself grey-asexual nearly for 3 years now so for now I would say I am grey-asexual.