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september favorites

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It's the time of the month for our monthly favorites :) What have you been loving recently? Here are our favorite things of September. もう10月!と言うことで、今月も9月のお気に入りをお届け♡みんなのお気に入りはなんだった? (Ruru / Hikari)

Tennyson - Cry Bird

Luke and I made this cute little visualizer for Tennyson's new single, Cry Bird with a bunch of Tennyson fans! I learned Photoshop from Luke and we tried rotoscope for the first time :) Tennysonの新曲のビジュアライザーのお手伝いをさせていただいたよ。初めてちゃんとPhotoshopを学んで、ロトスコープに挑戦したの!Tennysonのファンと一緒に作って楽しかった〜♡可愛く仕上がったので、ぜひみてみてね。

#ヤッチャイタイ」 - MINMI

We've been loving Jun Hasegawa's podcast "glenwood heart to heart." And in the podcast, she was talking with MINMI who is Japanese singer and she was introducing her song about sex. It's rare that female singer sings about sex in Japan. And this is the song. Also, they were talking about it's difficult to be sexy when you become a mother and it's not easy to talk about sexual things for girls in Japan. 長谷川潤ちゃんのポッドキャストで紹介されてたから聞いてみた曲。確かに日本はセックスについて女性が歌ってる曲ってないな、と思ったしポッドキャストで女の子が性について話すのがタブーだったり、お母さんになるとセクシーな見た目だったりしちゃいけない、っていう話もすごく共感した。

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noahは南アフリカ出身のコメディアン。何年か前に彼を知ったんだけど最近たまたま久しぶりに彼のコメディをみたらやっぱり面白かったのでシェア。政治や植民地問題などのシリアスな話題についてなのにすっごく笑える!欧米は日本とは笑いのセンスやジョークが違って文化背景を知らないと面白くない場合もあるけど是非トライしてみてね!

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian. I watched his comedy on youtube a few years ago and watched it again recently by any chance and I found it super fanny haha I only watched a just a few of his comedy but he turns racism, colonization and other serious topics to comedy. I don't usually watch comedy often so I don't know much about it but his style (is it western style?) is quite different from Japanese comedy and I found it interesting as well.

サーミの血 (Sami Blood)


The Sami people are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. (wiki) This film talks about a Sami girl, who is desperate to be a normal Swedish girl. The Sami people have been discriminated in Sweden. I've never heard of them before and I googled a bit and found some people say that 'Kristoff' from a Disney film, Frozen, is Sami.


あるパキスタンの女性アーティストの生―ララ・ルーク(Lala Rukh)1948 - 2017



Ctrl - SZA

Uh Oh! - Tennyson

Virgo feat. Pell - Rejjie Snow

Boom Boom ft. Shhhean - Shaggy






Twin Peaks Time

I put a little trailer in the article of August Favorites but I needed to talk about it a bit and Twin Peaks is still my favorite thing in September! I mean I love the time I watch Twin Peaks with my boyfriend, Luke. We always have something to watch together every night. We sometimes get some snacks, get cozy on the bed and hold hands for the scary/thrilling scenes. And I LOVE the time! And we're obsessed with Twin Peaks... I mean Agent Cooper!!

先月にも入れたTwin Peaksだけど、今回はその観てる時間もあたしのお気に入り。だいたいいつも寝る前に彼とTVシリーズをベッドで見るんだけど、その時間が大好きで特にTwin Peaksの時間は本当に楽しみでしょうがなかった。毎日のように起きてから寝るまであれはこうだったずっと話してた笑 たまにお菓子を買ってきて、寝る準備万端で、怖いドキドキするシーンは手を握ってもらってる!Twin Peaksも大好きだけど、あたしたちはエージェント・クーパーが大好きなの!

xx Ruru & Hikari

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