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what's asexuality?


Hello there!

It's October and in this month we have ASEXUAL AWARENESS WEEK!

Honeyhands has posted about pansexuality before (link) and this time, I am talking about Asexuality. Have you ever heard of Asexuality before? I personally watched a video about it on Youtube by chance a couple of years ago and started to learn about it since. Although topics regarding LGBTQIA is becoming a popular, asexuality is still not known by many people. In this post I will be sharing some articles and videos about asexuality and in part 2, I interviewed one of my friends who identifies as asexual.



honeyhandsでは前にPansexuality(パンセクシュアリティー・全性愛)についての記事をポストしたけど(LINK) 今回はアセクシュアリティー(無性愛)について2記事に渡って話していくね。みんなはアセクシュアルって聞いたことあるかな?LGBTQIAについては、ここ最近認知度が高くなってきてるけど、その中でアセクシャルはまだまだ知られていない。今回の記事ではアセクシュアルとは?について、次回はるるの友人の1人でアセクシュアルの女の子にインタビューするよ。

So, what's asexuality? / アセクシャルとは?

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or the low or absent interest in desire for sexual activity (Wiki).


An asexual-identifying person is someone who doesn't have sexual desire towards other people. There are a few types of ways to identify asexually; some people may have romantic feelings but feel no sexual attraction, as well as some who have no romantic feelings or sexual attraction towards others (which is called aromantic). Each asexual person will feel differently, as some want to kiss but not have sex. Some individuals will have sex but don't really like it, some don't want to kiss or have sex at all. There are gray-romantic, demiromantic, demisexual or semisexual in the asexual spectrum.




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