• eli




Hi everybody. My name is Eli and I will be soon leaving the “center”. After two-ish (it’s complicated) years of living in Tokyo, I am getting ready to welcome the next period of my life.


I will be based in Hokkaido, and moving to the countryside is scary as fuck.


Why is the “center” even fascinating? I ask myself this quite a lot. Sure, the center is associated with power, economical, political or cultural. The “center” is very well represented – everything seems to be happening there.


It’s almost as if the world (and by this, I mean the media and our social media bubble) is trying to convince us that there is no life outside the “center”. All the voices, all the eyes that ask me perplexed “Hokkaido!? What are you even gonna do in that cold place!?” stare at me as if I were sentencing myself to death.