gynecology experience

Hello everyone! I've been back in Japan for more than a month now. I wanna talk about the time when I went to see a gynaecologist in Japan. I've been wanting to have a check up for a long time, since I became interested in sex education. However, it was kind of troublesome and difficult to visit a hospital in Canada or in the US. Because of these reasons, I made an appointment immediately when I came back to Japan.


There were three reasons I wanted to visit a gynaecologist. First, my vagina was itchy. My vagina started getting itchy right before leaving Canada to come back to Japan. It was right after my period, so I thought my skin just got stuffy and rough. However, it continued for about a week and sometimes the skin around my vagina's temperature was higher than usual.


Secondly, I wanted to start taking birth control. In Japan, taking birth control is not as popular as it is in North America. I only have a few friends taking it in Japan and many people don't even know what it is, or what exactly it does to your body. I was one of these people before I moved to the US. I had never thought about taking it because I thought it was unnecessary for me. One of the reasons why many people, including myself and also many Japanese girls, do not know about birth control and its effects is because we didn't learn about it in school. Zero information. After I learned that it's important to be responsible with my own body, among other reasons, I decided to try birth control.