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october favorites

Hello everyone! It's November so here's our October favorites! We have some cool stuff to share! What were your favorites in October? What did you do for Halloween? Let us know in the comment. ついに11月、ということで10月のお気に入りをシェアするね。みんなのお気に入りはなんだった?ハロウィンには何したの?コメント欄で教えてね :) (Ruru / Hikari)

Our YouTube channel is active now! We're thinking to start posting vlogs, chatty videos and stuff like that so make sure to subscribe our channel for more contents! Also, let us know what you wanna see :) So far, we have a couple "JAPAN VLOG" by Hikari. So go check them out!

あたしたちのYouTubeチャンネルが活動再開しはじめたよ!これからもっとビデオブログやいろんなことについてお話しているビデオなどを載せていくつもりなので、チャンネル登録を忘れずにね!こういうのがみたい〜などリクエストがあれば、いつでもお待ちしています :) 最近だとHikariが"JAPAN VLOG"を更新しているので見てみてね。

What I Eat In A Day | Indian Style, Healthy and Delicious - cam & nina

Our Perfect Imperfections Tag - TheLineUp

My Favorite Feminine Hygiene Products - SoothingSista

The Truth About NOT Being Single (with Hannah Witton) - justkissmyfrog

Social Media Saved My Life - The Found Space

#01「環境活動に正解はない」。若きアクティビスト3人が語る、真面目なだけじゃない“地球の救い方”。|「世界は気候変動で繋がっている」。若き環境アクティビストのリアルな声。by - Be Inspired!

I Won't Answer—Sexuality Series - The Messy Heads

Room by Emma Donoghue

Many of you know "Room" as a movie. It's a story narrated by the five year-old boy Jack about his world "Room" where Jack and his Ma were being captive. This story is based on the actual story "Fritzl case." I have heard at least a few similar cases and I just always get shocked by the fact that this can happen to literally anyone. It's heartbreaking. Although the story was pretty tough to imagine, the book was easy to read since it was told by Jack. I haven't watched the film yet so I'll see if I'd like film or book better!


Never Let Me Go(わたしを離さないで) by Kazuo Ishiguro

I read Never Let Me Go book in Japanese and watched a film with subtitles when I was 16, and ever since this book has been one of my favourites. And recently the author, Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize in literature 2017!!! So I read the book in English and watched the film without subtitle this time! Second time to read the book but still made me cry. I will definitely read other books by him soon x

最近ノーベル賞をとった作家カズオ イシグロ著の小説、わたしを離さないで。映画化もされてるこの本は高校生の時に日本語で読んで、映画も字幕付きでみたのだけど、それからずっと私の大好きな作品の一つ。いつか原作を英語で読みたいってずっと思ってたら今回ノーベル賞受賞ということで読んでみたよ!本の後には映画も今回は字幕なしで。計4回作品を楽しんだわけだけどでもやっぱり好きで、泣いちゃった笑


Stranger Things Soundtrack

Best Part (feat H.E.R.) - Daniel Caesar

Viento - Tennyson

Provider - Frank Ocean

80s Music:





Gynecology / 産婦人科

I had a few things that I really wanted to do when I came back to Japan. One thing was checking up at gynecology. Since I was in different countries, it was kinda troublesome and difficult to go to hospital without a health insurance. So first thing I did after I arrived in Japan, I made my first appointment at a gynecology where I have been once when I was teenager. My doctor is female and she gave me information about my own body. I was nervous before I visited but it was such a nice experience to know about myself and my sex. I share my experience and feelings on the article ;)


Autumn Sunsets / 秋の夕暮れ

It's getting colder and sun is going down faster than a month ago. I've been obsessed with watching autumn sunset! I live by the ocean so I go for a walk to the beach and watch a sunset. Sunset with Mt. Fuji's shadow is one of the best things. It's very calming and relaxing to just watch sun disappearing into the ocean.


xx Ruru & Hikari

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