happy new year!

How was your holiday? How was New Years? We can't thank you enough for all your support and love! And we would love to tell you all about our project before we start working on it because WE NEED YOU!

明けましておめでとうございます。みんなの冬休みはどうですか?honeyhandsの読者のみなさまには本当に感謝しきれません。いつも温かいサポートをありがとうございます♡ 2018年、最初の記事はご挨拶だけではなく、お知らせがあります◎というのも、みんなにぜひ参加してほしいのです!

We're currently working on "honeyhands magazine" issue 1 which means we're making a physical copy of honeyhands magazine! We have no idea when we will be able to publish, how many pages it will be or anything of that nature just yet, as we wanted you to join us. We're trying to collect submissions from all over the world, design the magazine and then see what happens.

現在、私たちは『honeyhands magazine 第1号』を作ろうと考えています。というと、honeyhandsを紙媒体化しようと試みています。いつ実現できるか、何ページくらいになるのかなど、何もかもが未定と言うのも、honeyhands読者のみなさまにもぜひ参加していただきたいからです。サブミッションを集めて、そこからデザインし、どうできるか考えてみよう!という感じです。

The reason why we wanted to make this magazine is because we wanted to share some of our private stories outside of the Internet. Our stories are always honest and real, but sometimes it's difficult to be open and intimate as much as we want when anyone can see it from anywhere in the world. There's no privacy. Because of this we're still cautious with what we share on our website. However, when it comes to physical copies of magazines, you have to order online or go to a store to get it in order to have it in your hands. So, on this physical copy, we'd love to be more intimate, private, open and completely honest. We wanna share the stories in the magazine that we couldn't share elsewhere for certain reasons.