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journal peeking

Hi everyone! I feel like I haven't written an article about myself for a little while. I found old journal entries and I would love to share. These are collections found in my journal from the summer of 2016. As we shared on New Years, we're looking for someone who wants to contribute to our magazine project: details here. This can be an example. Any type of writers and artists are welcomed! We're sending the theme of the magazine only to those who reached out to us, so don't hesitate and reach us anytime! Everyone gets a chance to be in the magazine :)



i call it "the moment"

the moment i rewrite every night

it was the moment

our eyes locked as our hands tightened

it was the moment

my daydream became the real one

it was the moment

my heartbeat synced with yours

it was the moment

my soul met the soul i fall for

it was the moment

i felt everything for the first time

it was the moment


the things you wanna forget the most are

the things you only can think about


it sucks to have those ugliest feelings

but that's human beings

jealousy, envy, desire, and everything

can be beautiful but still ugly


i had never thought

that i would stop listening to you

everything you say,

the words turn into swords

and attack me

until i bleed to death inside


I'm not professional in writing for sure but I have thoughts and feelings that I want to turn into words and record them. This is how I was feeling almost two years ago. Do you write your thoughts and feelings down? What kind of things do you journal about?


xx Hikari

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