• eli

mapping sadness


(by Zorro Gris)

Hi everybody, this is Eli.


If you have been very sad recently, this post might be slightly triggering. Proceed with caution.


I have been back in Italy for three months now. Coming back was no easy task – I went back to my hometown where I have barely any connection, and all my Italian friends are in a city three hours from here. Not only that, I have had a very busy period in which I was alone for most of the time. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best position to be in for someone who has been in depressive states before.


Some days getting out of bed seemed an impossible task. When you don’t have to go to university or to work, a second can feel endless (not in a good way). All I had to do was to write and read, and as nice as that might sound it was becoming a nightmare for me since I had nothing else to look forward to.