sensibly sensitive

We live in a sensitive society. By sensitive society, I mean, a society that is easily offended by honest criticism/opinions from others. A society so intolerant to disagreement. I, myself, am definitely a member of this group. I can’t count the times a much older person shut me up and told me I’m too sensitive.

I mean, it’s so easy to look up literally anything, get an infinite amount of information, which then makes it easy for us to adapt any kind of opinion. I feel like sometimes, blindly swallowing misinformation leads to arguments on twitter or offensive comments on instagram. So called “hate accounts/spam” accounts and arguments on the web seem to be increasing. I’m guilty for loving drama and trying to keep up with internet/social trends, so I see the nasty things people say to each other everyday.


It’s not all negative, though. Every ordinary person, including social minorities, can voice their thoughts anywhere. Hell, you can even tweet or slide into DMs of those who work for the government, which was impossible back in the day.


Living in Japan, I feel lik