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traveling spain: barcelona


Hi, I'm Hikari's sister, Marina! Today, I wanna share my graduation trip I took with my college friends. I went to Barcelona in Spain and Venice and Rome in Italy. In this article, I'm going to share my trip in Spain :) I will update another article on Italy as well.

Day 1


We flew from Haneda airport to Doha in Qatar, and changed flight to Barcelona. We arrived in Barcelona around 12:30PM.

初日は乗り換えも合わせて22時間くらいのフライトで疲れていることもあって、泊まっていたホテル「Hotel Gargallo Rialto」の周りをうろうろしながらショッピングしたよ。ホテルの近くは結構充実してて、スーパーはもちろんKIKO MILANOやNYX、MANGOなどがあってショッピングがしやすいエリアだった!(ちなみにゴシック地区というカタルーニャ広場より海の近いとこにあったよ。空港までの直行バスなどもあって交通網も発達してるよ!)

Our flights were total 22 hours and we all were tired so we decided to walk around our hotel, Hotel Gargallo Rialto, and shopped a little bit on our first day. There were many stores around the hotel, of course supermarket, but also KIKO MILANO, NYX and MANGO so we enjoyed our shopping time. (The hotel was in Gothic Quarter, and closer to the ocean than Plaça de Catalunya. There were busses from the airport so it was really convenience!)

Day 2

この日は、日帰りでサンティアゴ・デ・コンポステーラという街に行ってきたの。夜中の2時に起きてバスで空港に向かって、6時45分の飛行機に乗ったよ。ここはバルセロナからLCCのRYANAIRで往復¥5000くらい。(でもこの航空会社は荷物の制限がすごく厳しくて、ハンドバッグしか持ち込めないから気をつけてください!笑 それと、暗黙の了解がたくさんあるので乗ることがあるなら調べてから行ったほうがいいです!)サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステーラ空港に着いたら€3のバスでガリシア公園行きに乗ると中心部にいけるよ。

We took a day trip to Santiago de Compostela, a little town in northwest Spain. We woke up at 2AM and took a bus to the airport, and flew out at 6:45AM to the town from Barcelona airport. We took low-cost airline, Ryanair and it costs ¥5,000 for round trip. (However, this airline has very strict for baggages so you only can bring a handbag or backpack so be careful! I suggest you to look up before you book!) When we arrived at the airport, we took a bus (€3) to Galicia National Park which takes us to the heart of the city.


The reason why we visited Santiago de Compostela was our Spanish teacher in our college suggested us the place, and the town is famous for Christian pilgrimage route. It's world heritage site and the town was just so beautiful.

オススメのカフェ/Favorite cafe:Cafe Bar “El Mulle”


We stopped at this cafe for breakfast. So so good! They served 100% pressed orange juice like a glass of water at a restaurant.

オススメのパン屋さん/Favorite bakery:Pan da Aboa

ここは、安い小さなパン屋さん。でも、パン屋さんというよりはドーナッツなどの甘いものが多くて、ここのオススメは、Tarta de Santiago というアーモンドケーキだよ!

This was a tiny bakery and they sold such a sweet yummy doughnuts and their famous menu was armond cakes called Tarta de Santiago.


The town was calm and everyone was just having a slow-life. On the way home, we took an airplane at 9:30PM to Barcelona and arrived at around 11:00PM.

Day 3


We walked for about 30 minutes from our hotel to Sagrada Família, which was designed by an architect Antoni Gaudí. We didn't wanna line up to go inside so we booked our tickets beforehand online. (Student: €13) You can pick what time to visit and when the time comes, you just can go in without lining up so I suggest you to book online first! There was a big security like at an airport after we got in so make sure that you know what you can bring in!


Honestly, I was so impressed and overwhelmed at Sagrada Família. Even though the construction hasn't been completely done yet, everything was just beautiful and I got chills when I thought that this architecture was built over 100 years ago. The stained glass was just breathtaking and looking up the ceiling was just... I couldn't say anything haha


And it's so fun to do a little photoshoot with your friends there!

オススメのレストラン/Favorite restaurant:Arc Iris


It's a vegetarian restaurant. It was about 5 minutes walk from Sagrada Família. The menu came as a full course but it costs only €10!

Day 4


We enjoyed another Gaudí architectures. We walked to Casa Milà and Casa Batlló from our hotel.


And walked to Park Güell.


We booked our tickets for Park Güell online as well. (€7.5) I'd say visiting Park Güell, you need a little energy. There were SO MANY people so you can't look around quietly, and it's almost like a little hiking route. BUT, it's worth it to go up to look down the whole city of beautiful Barcelona.

オススメのランチ/Favorite lunch:THE HIP FISH


We walked for about 15 minutes from Park Güell to poke & sushi burrito restaurant, The Hip Fish. We were craving rice haha

Day 5


We flew from Spain to Venice, Italy this day. From Barcelona to Venice took about two hours.


I'll write about my trip in Italy next so stay tuned ;)

〜スペインで気をつけること!〜 / ~ Tips in Spain ~


In Spain, there's a time called Siesta = afternoon rest / nap time so some stores closes between around 2 to 5PM so if you wanna go shop or eat, be careful! Big stores like chains are still open at the time!

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