んにちは。honeyhands デザイナー・イラストレーターのLola Roseです。


Hi everyone, I'm the designer and illustrator of honeyhands, Lola Rose.

We need your help.


#metoo has been gaining more attention in Japan lately, so honeyhands collaborated with Tomorrow Girls Troop to spread #NotSurprised, which is a #metoo movement in the art industry created by female artists in New York, organization called WANS. To spread awareness we are handing out flyers. We started a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for the printing and distribution costs. A portion of the proceeds will also go towards paying all the artists involved.


The aim of #NotSurprised is to end sexual harassment in the art industry. The original letter posted on their website, encourages anyone in the art industry who has experienced sexual harassment to come forward. "We are too many, now, to be silenced or ignored."


We designed flyers with a Japanese translation of the "#NotSurprised Original Letter" and their "Definition of Sexual Harassment". Our translation is on WANS #NotSurprised website as well.


From honeyhands and Tomorrow Girls Troop, we need your help.



To achieve the goal of ending sexual harassment, we are planning to pass out flyers to every single art university, museum, and big gallery in Japan for free.


From 2001 to 2016, Japanese model and dancer, KaoRi was modeling for the award-winning Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki as his "muse". She shared her negative experiences and emotions while she was his "muse" as an open letter. This had a massive effect on the #metoo movement in Japan.






Have you guys heard about KaoRi's story?

We can't just close our eyes to sexual harassment and pretend we didn't see anything.

We can't say "That's not my business."

It is not okay to let sexual harassment or any kind of harassment ruin someone's life.

We should not blame the victims.

We can stand up for the victims.



It's unjust to say, "It comes with the job because you decided to be an actress, model, artist, or musician." We are all human, and should never be subjected to sexual violence.

Don't you think that we all should be treated equally as humans?




We would like people to know who are reading this:

With everyone helping each other, we can end sexual harassment by speaking up and standing up together.

We have energy. And we want to be heard.


This crowdfunding will spread because of you.




Our crowdfunding page is for Japanese credit card holders only, so if you are willing to donate, please donate to Tomorrow Girls Troop Donation. While this campaign is running, all the donations will go towards this project. If you are not able to donate financially, please help us by spreading this article. Let's end this together.


Donation in foreign currency: Paypal

WANS - #NotSurprised: http://www.not-surprised.org/home/

明日少女隊(Tomorrow Girls Troop): https://tomorrowgirlstroop.com/

honeyhands: http://www.honeyhandsmag.com/