love me, but love yourself too

When it comes to the problems of body image and eating disorders, the scenario that comes into your mind might be girls who care too much about their appearance, or eat only salads in order to stay in shape. But is it true that only girls feel unhappy with their body?


As a teenage girl, I hated my body and even got close to developing a serious eating disorder. I was restricting myself on how many calories I could eat each day, only to surpass my limit and eating even more to forget my guilt. For as long as I could remember, I hated swimming lessons because I would need to put my body on display. Whenever I saw myself in pictures or in the mirror of the dressing room, I would cringe at my round face and chubby thighs, determined to push myself to exercise, and the cycle repeats itself.


As I grew older, my metabolism changed and I slimmed down, and I gained some confidence in myself. Of course, I still get flashbacks of hating my body at times, but the more I learnt about what I experienced, I've started to notice this problem in the people that are close to me as well.


While my family and friends started encouraging me as I slimmed down, they turned their target on my brother, who just started puberty. He was kind and sensitive, but he fe