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pretty, but not too much

Hi everybody! This is Eli.


In the last article, Hikari talked about the struggles of being too skinny. Reading her article was very interesting, since I had the opposite problem. When I was younger I suffered because I was chubby, and even now sometimes I would like to be thinner than I am. It made me upset that even the people who are closer to what I want to be suffer because of the huge pressures that are put on us.


Today, I am going to talk about a similar subject - the expectations around how we look. Some time ago, this article came up on my Facebook feed. The title was very catchy, and it made me click on it. (The article is in English only, sorry ☹)

今日は人々の身体に対する期待について話そうかなと思う。二週間前ぐらいにフェイスブックのフィードでこの記事が出てきて、面白そうだったから読んでみた。(英語だけです。ごめんなさい ☹)

Apparently, in Hollywood movies that are explicitly targeted to women such as romantic comedies, it’s common for the scriptwriter to describe the main characters as “pretty, but not too much”. The heroines usually have that kind of reachable beauty that the average person can identify with. Note that this doesn’t happen in action movies or big blockbusters, where women are supposed to be sexy goddesses.