book review by ruru - vol.1

Hello, it’s me Ruru. I’m back! I apologize for being absent for so long, but I needed it for my personal mental health. I won’t be active on honeyhands as much as I used to be, yet I’m very excited to be back! My post will be mainly about books and the ‘Who Am I’ series.

こんにちわ、るるです。忙しかったり、SNSや前の環境から離れたかったこともあり、しばらくお休みをしていたけどハニーハンズに戻って来たよ!今後も前の用に主要メンバーとして頻繁に記事をアップするのは難しそうだけれど、マイペースに続けて行きたいなと思ってます◉私からの記事は、主にオススメの本と以前からやってた‘who am i‘シリーズになるよ。

So, let’s talk books! One of my New Year's’ resolutions in 2018 is to read books from around the world. Although, we are becoming more diverse, people only mainly read American, English and one’s own mother tongue in literature. Some French, German and Japanese authors are widely well known, as well, but how about others? There are 195 countries in the world and we only read books from 6 countries?

I have been feeling very strongly about the fact that I spend so much time on SNS, which I would like to stop. Also, since I came back to Japan from the UK, I noticed many people use their phones and looking at their screens all the time on the train. It makes me a bit scared. Books give you knowledge and take you to the places you’ve never been before or didn’t even know existed - which is just amazing! Not only that, but it’s free if you go to the library (this is an important point)! Today, I will recommend you 4 books I read so far this year.