feminism in the japanese office





Before reading, please watch this YouTube video first (unfortunately, it's only in Japanese).

Facebookやインスタグラムの広告で、すでにみたことあった人もいる?これはヘアケアブランドで知られるLuxが行っている「True Numbers」というキャンペーンで紹介されているムービー。日本の男女格差についての動画なんだけど、みんなはこれをみてどう感じた?女性の社会進出が進んでいないってことについて「数字」に焦点を当てて作られていて、そのメッセージを受け取って、この問題について考えた人もいるかな。でも実はこの動画、批判的な意見がすごく多くて私は気になってたの。

You may have already seen the ads on Instagram or Facebook in Japan, but for those of you who may not be aware, there's an advertisement called "True Numbers" going around by the haircare brand Lux. They released this video as part of the campaign.

They had a little exhibition in Tokyo about "True Numbers" with Japanese female artists. In the video, they show the various numbers of the gender gap in Japan and shared what people think of from looking at those numbers. I thought this video made many people think about our gender gap. However, there were so many critical comments on the ads. I've been wondering why this is the case. What do you think of the gender gap in Japan? What about in your country? Do you know about "The Global Gender Gap Report"?