poll time: sex

Hi everyone! This is a potential new series on honeyhands, called "Poll Time" which is about the results of polls we took on Instagram stories on different topics. First, we did poll out of curiosity on sex and the results were pretty interesting so I decided to share them with our own answers and opinions. We'll continue take polls on our Instagram so please join by answering, giving us suggestions for topics and sending us questions you want us to ask everyone!

こんにちは!今日はこの間honeyhandsのInstagramでとったアンケートの結果から思ったことや私たちの答えなどを記事にしようと思い、これからもInstagramのアンケートを使って同じようなことをやっていきたいのでもしかしたら『POLL TIME(アンケート・タイム)』としてシリーズ化しようかな?今回のテーマは『セックス』!あたしたちが普段から気になっていた質問や読者からいただいた質問を混ぜて、合わせて9問アンケートを取ったよ。もしかしたらこれを読んでくれている子で、参加してくれた子もいるかも?これからもアンケートをやっていくのでどんな内容の質問でもテーマのリクエストでもhoneyhandsを通して読者のみんなに聞いてみたい・他の人の意見が知りたい!というような内容をいつでも送ってね◎

1. Were / are you feeling worrying, rushed or embarrassed when you were / are virgin?


I know a lot of people who cared about being virgin and I remember that I was thinking that I should be having sex when I was in high school so I imagined "YES" would be bigger answer but it turned out almost 50 / 50. Honestly, I wanted to have sex as soon as I could when I was teenager but now I extremely regret that and I really wish I waited longer to find someone right for me. This can happen to many girls. I don't know about boys though so I'd love to hear everyone's opinion! But no one need to feel rush or embarrassed for being virgin. Please be smart for yourself because you'll never be able to go back. Make a decision that you'll be happy with after 5 years later too.