book review by ruru - vol. 2

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well :)

For this article, I’m going talk to you about some books I read this year. If you have already read my previous post, you know that I’m trying to read books from all over the world this year. I showed you Japanese, Korean and Czech authors. This time, I will show you Japanese, Egyptian, Moroccan and Spanish authors!



1. No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai / 『人間間失格』 太宰治 - Japan

This book is one of the most famous Japanese novels and we read one of the other novels by him, ‘Run, Melos!’ at school in Japan. So basically, he is someone who every Japanese person knows, even if they are not a big reader - he is that famous! I have this book at home but have never read it for some reasons until this year. Now, I don’t understand why I didn’t try and read this book for such a long time because it is so good! You can read a plot outline on Wikipedia. Not a big book, it is easy to read.