• eli

selfies and self-identity


Hi guys, Eli here.

やっほー! エリーです。

If I say the word selfie, what does it bring to mind?


Since smartphones came on the market it has become incredibly simple to take one’s self portrait, and this has led to a popularization of the so-called selfies - you could probably say that most of the people of our generation have taken one at least once.


Now associated with social media networks and the 'influencer’ lifestyle, they are a staple of Instagram imagery, and perhaps because of this they also tend to be viewed rather skeptically. I don't know how many articles have I read that try explain selfies as a symptom of a society that is becoming more narcissistic with each passing day. And even among people who don't hate selfies, there is a quite consistent group around me that certainly doesn't find them interesting.


Personally, I am fascinated by selfies. I still feel influenced by the discourses I cited above, so I cannot say my love for them is unconditional. Some selfies I like more than others. But still, self-portraiture in the smartphone generation is a deeply interesting phenomenon for me.