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movie review: girls' encounter

映画レビュー: 少女邂逅

前回の『Lady Bird』に引き続き、映画のレビューを書きます。今回は、少女邂逅について書くね。こちらは、新宿武蔵野館で観たよ。この映画では、クリームソーダが世界一美味しい飲み物として出てくるのだけれど、それに合わせて新宿武蔵野館ではクリームソーダが売っていた。せっかくなので、ポップコーンではなくて、クリームソーダを買ってシアターに入った。ここのクリームソーダ、すごく美味しかったのでオススメです。

As I wrote the "Lady Bird" review last time, I'm going to share a movie review of the Japanese film, "Girls' Encounter." I watched this one at Shinjuku Musashino Theater in Tokyo. As the girls in the film believe that "ice-cream soda" is the most delicious thing in the world in this film, they had ice-cream soda at the theatre. So, I ordered it instead of a bag of popcorn. The ice-cream soda at the theatre was SO GOOD so I highly recommend it.


I'm gonna start the movie review, but there are some spoilers so if you wanna avoid that, please come back after you watch it!

少女邂逅 (2017)


Girls' Encounter (2017)

Japanese director, Yuka Eda's first full-length film was invited to the Shanghai International Film Festival. It won the Audience Award at MOOSICLAB2017.




Miyuri, a vulnerable Japanese adolescent, has been driven to the brink by pressures of her provincial school and university entrance exams as well as the viciousness of her classmates, who even toss away her only companion, a silkworm. But then a mysterious new student, Tsumugi, suddenly arrives and begins to spin webs of connection, aspiration, secrets, adventure and sensuality that transform Miyuri. But what secrets is Tsumugi herself hiding? And what, indeed, does a silkworm become when it grows up? (HKIFF Catalogue)


I wish I could show this film to my teenage self. When I was in school, I'd never had been bullied or had a problem with my family and I felt lucky about it, but I still couldn't figure out why I existed or, sometimes, I even thought it's so hard to live. I needed someone who could tell me, "You are worth living" at the time.


There were so many lines that stuck with me, and I cried from the very beginning of the film. Also, I realized that the film was giving me some courage and ideas that I can decide the way I want to live. The director purposely made this film with an idea of a little darkness in our heart. Sometimes, it was really hard to watch the film while feeling the emotions in me.


The audio and video quality almost felt like they were made by some art students for a graduation assignment or something like that. However, I was sucked into the film. I couldn't breath. After half way through the film, Miyuri and Tsumugi's friendship got thinner - Tsumugi who was the perfect existence for Miyuri. I realized that the film was getting interesting and at the same time, the fact broke my heart. At last, Miyuri lost Tsumugi and she got stronger than ever. And Miyuri, who was just a girl, becomes an adult. That's sometimes how people grow. It hurts, but it's the truth.


There were time that I wanted you to like me and accept me. You grew up and became an adult somewhere different from where I am. I don't know what you're doing and you don't know that I became an adult, too. I forgot a lot of things and there are less times to think about you now, but when I think about you like now, it makes me cry. Like this, this film reminded me of people who influenced me in some ways and then, left me.


It's just my opinion but I didn't really enjoy the theme song for this film. I thought they could do better. This film is definitely not for everyone. Maybe some like it, but others don't. People who can connect with the stories to themselves would enjoy this. Especially, people who are having a really hard time, can't breath in where you are, or don't know why you exist.

『Lady Bird』と『少女邂逅』。どちらの映画も、主人公は家族や学校の先生から、地元の公立大学への進学を勧められるのだが、両者とも、自分で都会に出ることを選んでそれぞれニューヨークと東京へ羽ばたいていく。国が違えども、10代の女の子が抱えている悩みや閉塞感は同じなのかもしれないと思った。映画の雰囲気は全然違うのに、劇中ふと出てくる会話のトピックが意外と同じだったりして面白かったよ。


Lady Bird and Girls' Encounter are both films' where the main character were suggested to go to "this" school by their teacher or family. And they both go different ways from what they were told. The films, although were made in different countries, could relate to every teenage girl who feel as if their issues were locked up. The films' atmospheres are completely different but some topics in the films were the same and it made me think a lot.

I really recommend you guys to watch both films.

最後に、少女邂逅の枝優花監督が監督した最新作、indigo la End というバンドの「蒼糸」のMVがすごく良かったので紹介して終わります。indigo la Endは初めて知ったのだけれど、この曲の歌詞がすごく美しくて良かったので、他も聞いてみようと思ったよ。是非、音を聞きながら見てみてください。

At the end, I would love to introduce a music video, by the director Yuka Eda, of Japanese band called indigo la End. I really liked it!

Images by Tumblr

English Translated by Hikari

English Edited by Lisa

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