how i learned about feminism



これをトピックとして選んだのは、ツイッターで #あなたのフェミニズムはどこから っていうハッシュタグを見かけたから。先日、日本では東京医科大学が意図的に女子の入学試験の点数を減点していたことが話題になっていたけれど、このハッシュダグもそのニュースが影響してるみたい。

Hi everyone! Today I'm gonna talk about how I knew feminism. I chose this topic because I found a hashtag, #あなたのフェミニズムはどこから (#HowYouLeaernedAboutFeminism) on Twitter. The other day, the Japanese media reported that the Tokyo Medical University has been automatically lowering the entrance exam results of female applicants for the past decade*. It became a controversial topic in Japan, so this hashtag seems to be influenced by this news.

*Tokyo Medical University apologises for changing female exam scores


I got to know about feminism through a class I took in college. I am heading to a women's college and there are some feminism and gender studies classes offered. When I was a freshman, I took a women's studies class because its syllabus seemed interesting. That class eventually changed my perspectives on things a lot.