someone you may not know


For a long time, I couldn’t get my feelings right when discussing with my parents. I thought it might be the generational gap that was dividing us for a very very long time, but it never occurred to me that labels and expectations were the reasons why discussions and disagreements were taking place on such a regular basis. There were these two mindsets clashing against each other, and it wasn’t easy at all to see that that was what was really going on.


When you are with your parents you are simply the child and they are the parents, and usually no one really gets that you are all three distinct individuals, even though you are literally a product of your parents. Sometimes they don’t understand you and you cannot accept the fact that they don’t realize when they are saying something wrong or not seeing you like a person, but only their child. Especially as a teenager, this is incredibly frustrating and you may tend to develop a lot of anger.