what do you eat?


Hey everyone! It's me, Hikari! How are you doing?


Today, I would like to talk about my diet. For me, food is one of my biggest pleasures, and I believe that food is a necessity to live, like oxygen is to breathe. What do you usually eat? How do you pick your food?


I have been a *pollo-pescetarian for the past 4 years. I always order the "special meal" on an airplane when I book flights. The last time I flew from Canada to Japan, I looked around and realized that my food choices or diet is unusual to most of the people in Japan, even though it seems veganism and vegetarianism have been taking over Western countries. Japanese passengers around me were watching me eat this "special meal" a.k.a vegetarian meal on the airplane. They didn't even know that was a choice you can make. I thought talking about diets would be a good new idea to discuss on honeyhands.

*Pollo-Pescetarian = People who consume vegetables, dairy products, fish and white meat like chicken but no red meat.


*ポロ(ポヨ)・ペスクタリアン = 赤肉(牛肉・豚肉など)は食べず、野菜、乳製品、魚、白肉(チキン)のみを食べる人。

*ベジタリアン = 野菜、乳製品のみ。肉なし、魚なし。 *ビーガン = 野菜のみ。乳製品なし、肉なし、魚なし。(生き物が関わっていないもののみ。)

India 2012

Food is something you have to choose and consume every day, unless if you're really sick, you have some special conditions or if you have insane allergies. I love food and eating. I didn't even know that being a vegetarian or vegan were options for us humans to live until I visited India in 2012. I lived there with a local family for a month; the city I stayed in is located at an altitude of about 1,700m in Northwest-India where it's considered as the countryside. While I was there, I experienced "no meat" days. The family were Tibetan Buddhists and they had days without eating meat during the week. I was totally okay with it, and at the time, I was studying about religions and their customs so I was more interested in their way of life.


When I had meat for the first time in India, it was pork. The pork didn't look like what we see in the Japanese supermarket. It looked exactly like a pig. I saw it closely and I could see the little hair sticking out from the skin of the pork. I didn't feel good to see and learn what I had been eating for my entire life in Japan. I closed my eyes and tried a little bit, but I could feel it in my mouth and I pretended that I enjoyed it. A few days later, I got to visit a market where all the fresh vegetables, fruits and meat were sold. I enjoyed the atmosphere, it was like a farmer's market. I saw the meat vender which had some animals' heads with no eyes and thick bloody read meat hanging from the ceiling. Flies were flying around the meat. It was such a cruel and harsh thing to see.


India 2012

At the moment, I thought about how people say, we have to eat to live, so animals have to be sacrificed. I saw them sacrificing this raw meat in front of my eyes - I also understood the reasons why people become vegan. Diet is an individual choice. If I hadn't gone to I